Our Approach


  1. Everyone can change their situation in life.
    We believe in people when they don't believe in themselves. We continue to believe until they also believe.
  2. Listening, without judgment, is key.
    We accept individuals where they are and how they interpret their experiences in the world. It is not our job to advise people about how to live their lives.
  3. Every guest has dignity and deserves respect.
    No matter how someone presents to us, she or he is treated as an invited guest into our "home"
  4. We create a safe and beautiful space.
    Staff sets the tone for the experience of each guest. Despite the way the rest of the world receives and reacts to our guests, they can feel safe and at ease in our space.
  5. We are masters of accommodation.
    We are flexible when we can be, working to meet individual needs when it does not interfere with others' safety. There are only five rules and everything else is negotiable. Five Rules: 1. No Violence; 2. No Weapons; 3. No Alcohol; 4. No Drugs; 5. No Smoking in the building.