September 2015 e-newsletter

Greetings from Joseph's House!

As we prepare for what is expected to be an even colder and wetter winter than last year, I though I'd share with you what a typical night here at Joseph's House is like.

Guests arrive at 8pm, and are greeted and checked in by staff. Beginning at 9pm, guests can use the laundry and shower facilities, play cards, watch television, or simply relax in our safe and supportive environment. An evening meal, overseen by our kitchen coordinator James, is served by our volunteers at 9:30pm. During these evening hours, staff connect one-on-one with guests, to check in, see how they're doing, and help connect them with needed social services. After a safe and warm night's sleep, breakfast is served to guests, and staff and guests work together to clean the cots and building. Guests have opportunities during daytime hours to meet with social service providers who they've been connected to by Joseph's House staff.

Our goal is to not only provide meals, showers, and a safe place to sleep, but to offer hope and practical help to each and every guest who stays with us. Just last month, 6 guests moved on from Joseph's House to places and programs that improved their lives. Sometimes we hear from folks who have moved on. Recently we received a note in the mail that read:

"I'm in my own place. I'm here getting my life back and my heart back.
With your help and God's love, I am good. Tell everybody I said hi.
Thank you."

Thank you for being part of our mission. You are a real support to our staff and a blessing in the lives of our guests.




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