Christmas 2012 at the Café
Sunday 23 December 2012

The Dolson family visited the Café on December 23rd, Mom, Dad and four grown children. They brought Christmas lights, red table clothes, and candles for the table, and together with our staff, they cheerfully decorated the space. They brought plates and service-ware, napkins and cups. They prepared a delicious meal for 40 of salad and dressing, potatoes, meat, veggies, rolls and dessert. They brought warm hearts, lots of smiles and a really special presence to our home.

That night we were exchanging gifts with our guests. Several Joseph's House benefactors stepped up to provide a gift for our guests, something each guest had identified as a Christmas wish. All the presents were wrapped and each one was personally tagged with each guests' name. So while the Dolson siblings were serving the dinner meal, I got permission from Mom and Dad to invite them to present each guest with his or her Christmas gift.

What a sight that was as each of the children met with and embraced our guests. And what a blessing for me to witness this special family bring peace and joy to our guests. I couldn't help but think of that first Holy Family and what a blessing it must have been to be part of that night when, as the song goes, 'the soul felt its worth'. Something sacred and beautiful took place that first Christmas and in our café as well.

To all our benefactors and friends, I wish you a blessed Christmas season. I am so grateful for your trust and support. Please know that I hold you in prayer. ~ John Klein