Boys Who Care
Wednesday 11 March 2015

A generous benefactor from a local automotive equipment company in Barrington, NJ decided to really bless Joseph's House this holiday season by donating items from our Wish List. But this wasn't the typical Wish List donation. Instead, a delivery truck arrived at our door twice containing every personal hygiene item on the list in quantities of 1,000, as well as everyday items we use to serve dinner to our guests including coffee, cups, plates, and bottled water. Imagine a thousand tooth brushes, a thousand combs and brushes, thousands of travel sized deodorants, hand soaps and shampoos. We were overwhelmed by the generosity, and as our guests helped in storing the items, they were deeply touched that someone cared enough to do this for them.

If that weren't enough, recently this same gentleman reached out to as many as 400 friends and acquaintances to ask that they each donate $10 to Joseph's House. This group of special friends, 'The Boys Who Care', has not only rallied to his call, but are sending in donations greater than the amount requested.

It is humbling to witness and amazing to consider when people come together to make a difference in the lives of our guests. This kind of generosity and goodwill deserves special recognition. We're so proud and happy to report that 'The Boys Who Care' are really making an impact and they're doing it behind the scenes with no fanfare and no desire to be singled out for their good works.

Way to go, Boys! It's local people from the community like you that make it possible for us to provide warm meals, new toiletries, and overall hope for the guests here at our shelter!