A Great Partner
Tuesday 7 February 2012

When Joseph's House reopened our New Visions Café back in November, an appeal for help was made to many of the area’s social service providers. As a result, several organizations have been coming into the café to meet with our guests and connect them to a variety of social services. One of the organizations who stepped up in a big way is Holy Redeemer Home Health Care.

Every other Tuesday night two of Holy Redeemer’s employees come to the café. They began doing that on Tuesday, 6 December, 2011, and have been coming twice each month ever since. We've had nurses and social workers, as well as those who just want to help out. They have donated first aid kits, individual bags of personal items for each guest, blankets, and food supplies like coffee, tea, and sugar. They have now expanded to making homemade meals for our guests, like a casserole that can feed fifty.

The photos in this gallery are from a delivery they made the morning of Tuesday, 7 February, 2012. The man pictured in the Holy Redeemer Home Health Care shirt is Adam, an employee who has dropped off to us many times. The other young guys happened to be at New Visions doing some service, so they helped us carry everything upstairs.

Holy Redeemer Home Health Care is a great partner of ours. We are blessed to have their support.